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Keyword Research Company is proud to offer professional SEO content writing services to our clients.  Of course, we promote our keyword packages, which include content writing, keyword research, link-building, and other SEO services.  However, we also offer one-time services or services independent of our keyword packages, such as SEO content writing services.

As an SEO agency, it should come as no surprise that our content writing services are SEO-based. However, our expert writers can create content for non-SEO purposes as well. Two random examples of non-SEO writing would be school essays and professional resumes. These kinds of materials do not necessarily require SEO because there is no need to rank them in the search engines.  KRC hires the best writers in the world, and that is we are not the cheapest writing platform online.

KRC's Other Content
Writing Options

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    SEO generalist writing

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    Ad copywriting

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    Blog page/post writing

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    Lead generation writing

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    Conversion rate
    optimization writing

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    School paper writing

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    Professional editing

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    Professional resume

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    Subject matter authority

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    Writing assistant

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    Book writing

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    Ghost writing

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    Social media writing

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    Amazon, Alibaba, eBay,
    and Craigslist writing

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    Technical writing

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    YouTube transcribing and
    description writing

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    Guest post writing

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    English writing

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    Español writing

As you can see, Keyword Research Company is more than just another SEO writing agency! When we say, “We do it all,” we really mean it!

How KRC Writing
Services are Priced

Keyword Research Company offers many different kinds of content writing.  Still, KRC’s prices are consistent, no matter what kind of writing you require. Consider the following transparent pricing model that we have developed so that there is never a misunderstanding or misccommunication about content writing prices:

$15 per 500 words

Keyword Research Company’s standard writing service is offered in increments of 500 words.  For example, you could not order a 450-word article or an 800-word article.  It would have to be done in increments of 500 words.  i.e. 500 words, 1k words, 1500 words, 2k words, etc.  For every 500 words that we write, we charge $15.  So, a 1500-word article would cost $45.

We used to offer our writing services by the hour, but to avoid any potential disputes regarding hours billed, we simply charge a flat rate of $15/500 words.  Also, it should be stated that we do not offer rewrites barring factual inaccuracies, spelling errors, or grammatical errors, which won’t happen anyway!  We hire the best writers in the world (in our honest opinion), and all of our writers use Grammarly Premium to submit their final copies.  We also work with our clients to obtain as much information from them as possible so that we create a customized piece of content that suits their needs and goals.

Why Don't We Offer Rewrites?

As an SEO service provider that prides itself on meeting and exceeding our clients’ expectations, we have acquiesced in the past when asked to rewrite or revise content.  However, on more than one occasion, we found that the client was using both pieces of content on their website.  Essentially, they were getting two articles for the price of one.

We would write the first article for them, and then they would say that they had something else in mind.  Then, they would give us new instructions, and we would rewrite or revise the initial piece of content to make them happy.  Later, we found both the orginal article and the second (revised) article displayed on their website.  Essentially, they got two web pages created for the price of one.

KRC will work with you to get all of the information that we need before we ever type a single character.  This way, there will be no misunderstandings about what you want from us.

Our Content Writing Services Put You in Control

We want you to get exactly what you need from us, whether you’re paying for written content, keyword research, or one of our keyword maintenance packages. One of the ways we provide a personalized experience for our content writing clients is by allowing them to control the word disbursement they pay for. This means that you can mix and match the words disbursement how you see fit.

For example, let’s say you purchase 10,000 words from Keyword Research Company. You may need two YouTube videos transcribed. These two videos might have 6,000 words combined. Then, you need four articles written. Two articles contain 500 words apiece, and two articles contain 1,500 words, respectively. However you want your words placed, we’re okay with accommodating you. Please, be clear about what you want from us when we talk before starting your project.

Hire an SEO Content Writer Here

If you need to hire an SEO content writer right away, but you don’t want low-quality writing from a foreign-based agency, reach out to Keyword Research Company!  The funny thing is; we are foreign-based!  We are located in the Philippines.  However, ALL of our employees are Westerners.  We have writers based in the United States, the UK, and Australia.

Our writers are tried and true.  Feel free to ask for our personal and professional references, and see our “Featured Client Reviews” section on the Home page of this website.  KRC isn’t the cheapest SEO content writing firm, but we’re not the most expensive either!  Think of us as the Happy Middle where high-quality and reasonable prices collide.

What is an SEO Web Content Writer?

You may have heard from someone you trust that you need an SEO content writer.  However, you may not know what an SEO content writer is.  If that’s you, don’t feel embarrased.  An SEO content writer is a professional writer who knows how to use the best practices in SEO, including the incorporation of keywords, proper typography, proper heading tags, topical relevancy, and other ranking factors to produce content that is much more likely to be ranked successfully in the search engines.

SEO Guidelines for Writing Content

The SEO guidelines for writing content that we follow are very simple and straight-forward.  Consider the following five writing guideline that we follow as SEO writers:

1. The Use of Keywords

There is no SEO without keywords.  Whether you provide us with the keywords or we do the keyword research for you, our SEO content writers know how to use focus keywords, secondary keywords, and LSI keywords.  We know when and where to use them and how many times they should be used.  We also know how to incorporate keywords in to the copy to make the text sound natural.

2. The Use of Proper Typography

This might seem like a minor detail to some, but it is extremely important for SEO that you use a good font-family, the right font-size for body text and headlines, the right colors, and more.  Google is all about user experience.  And if your typography is not good, no one will want to read your content – even if it is great, helpful content!

3. Using the Right Heading and Subheading Tags

In SEO writing, we only use the H1 tag once for a given web page.  We also use H2 and H3 with secondary keywords.  However, we do not use H4-H6.  It won’t hurt your SEO if use these heading tags, but it won’t help it either.  For that reason, we use H1-H3.

4. Maintaining Topical Relevancy

One of the most difficult yet important things to do, when it comes to SEO content writing, is to remain topically relevant.  Yet, Google crawls each page that it ranks in the SERPs, and one of the most important things it looks for is topical relevancy.  The lasts word of your text should be relevant to the first words in your text, and the words in the middle of your text should be relevant to the first and last words of your text.

5. Add Value to the Conversation

We’ve saved the most important guideline for last.  Your content could do all the first four things correctly, but if you don’t create a piece of content that answers a question, solves a problem, tells a person what they need to know – you are not adding value to your marketplace!  This means that you need an original piece of content that provides unique insights.  Whether you’re trying to convince someone to buy something, provide information about something, or anything else, make sure you content adds value to the conversation.  This is the most important thing.

How to Find the Best SEO Content Writers

We could just tell you to hire a writer from Keyword Research Company, and everything will be hunky-dory.  Of course, you would probably think that we are a little biased in recommending our own services over others.  There’s probably some truth there.

Still, whether you decide to employ our services or hire a writer on another platform, such as Upwork, we want you to have a great experience with your SEO content writer.  Therefore, you need to know what to look for to know how to find the best SEO content writers for your project.

It’s actually quite simple to separate the good writers from the bad ones – just ask to see a few samples of their work.  It doesn’t have to be related to the topic that you are hiring them to write about, but you want something that gives you a good idea of what to expect when they write for you.

Also, be sure to ask for references.  Think about it; if you have ever hired a professional for any job, and they did amazing work, you would probably be very quick to recommend them to others.  Right?  Likewise, unless your writer is a brand-new writer (which would not be a good thing if you need quality content creation), they should have at least 2 or 3 previous clients who will happily attest to the quality of work that the writer did for them.  Also, check out their reviews.  Because KRC is a relatively new agency (although our writers are highly experienced), we don’t have a ton of reviews online yet, but we do have some featured reviews on the Home page of our website that you can reference.  We have zero bad reviews to speak of.

What to Expect from Our SEO Article Writing Service

Put simply; Keyword Research Company offers exceptionally fast turn-around times and high-quality content.  KRC never creates filler text.  If that’s what you’re looking for, you could save a lot of money by hiring a cheap Indian writing agency to do it for you.  We customize and tailor our content to add value and to achieve the specific goal that our client wants to achieve with the content that we create for them.

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