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Best Keyword Research Tools

In case you didn’t know, Keyword Research Company is kind of into keyword research, and we use only the best SEO tools on the market.  Therefore, we are happy to recommend these tools for our visitors, clients, and readers.

Regardless of what business your in, your reputation is everything!  This is particularly true for online businesses.  Therefore, when Keyword Research Company reviews or recommends a product or service, we are staking our good name, our reputation, and our brand on that product/service.  With this in mind, it is with the utmost commitment to providing you with the information and knowledge that you need that KRC recommends the best keyword tools, courses, and writing software on the market today.


A Keyword Research Agency Should Use SEO Keyword Tools

Keyword Research Company uses SEO keyword tools when we provide keyword research services for our clients. Obviously, we use the tools that we recommend here.  However, just because KRC doesn’t use some keyword tools doesn’t mean that other tools aren’t valuable as well. It just means that we use the tools that satisfy our needs as a keyword research agency – the tools we use for research, site audits, and branded keyword reports for our clients.

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Be careful who you listen to!  You might have come across some of these so-called SEO “gurus” on platforms like YouTube and Reddit who tell you to stay away from keyword tools.  This is horrible advice!!!  Keyword tools allow us to complete jobs in 6 hours that, without them, would take 6 days!  Why, then, do so many SEOs advise that you do not to use keyword research tools?

The primary reason that people advise against using keyword tools is that they can’t possibly know how many searches a keyword gets each month because Google does not release that data to the public.  At best, keyword tools are merely guessing what the average monthly search volumes are.  Further, if you try a keyword in one keyword tool, you might get a very different search volume number than if you try it in another keyword tool.  It is true that keyword tools do not have access to raw search engine data, but they evaluate other relevant metrics, and some of the best SEO tools are very accurate.

Additionally, a lot of self-styled SEO gurus advise against keyword tools because the difficulty scores are often hit or miss.  Lots of studies have been conducted, showing that keyword tools that show low keyword difficulty scores for keywords are often inaccurate.  In other words, the low difficulty keywords are actually much more difficult than they appear!  Likewise, certain keyword tools have shown very high keyword difficulty scores for keywords, but it turns out that the keywords are very easy to rank for.

How to Use Keyword Tools the Right Way

Keyword tools are designed to help us find keywords easily.  With them, we can scrape websites, generate keyword suggestions, and do much, much more.  We can find thousands of profitable keywords in just about any niche in a few hours.  The data that we extract from keyword tools is not set in stone.  It’s a starting point.

There are metrics that we must consider aside from the difficulty scores and monthly search volumes that we find using keyword tools.  Keyword tools put all of the information that we need in one place so that we can make assessments and find great keywords rapidly.

Best Keyword Tools for Finding Niche Ideas

For affiliate sites, keyword tools can be a god-send!  While we do not use keyword research tools to find niches, the best keyword research tools can help us to test niche ideas.  For example, let’s say that you find a niche topic you’re interested in.  Then, you find some products that sell a lot and have a lot of five-star reviews.  Bingo!

With keyword research tools – at least, with the good ones – you can then scrape some keywords from websites and web pages that are currently ranking for the products you want to link to.  You can quickly and easily find out how popular the search terms are for the keywords that you want to target and how easy or difficult they are.

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While it is true that there is no way to provide an exact number of monthly searches for any given keyword phrase, the best keyword tools use a variety of sophisticated data to get an idea of how frequently a keyword is searched for. While keyword tools cannot give you an exact number of monthly searches, you can get a sense of whether the keyword is searched for a little or a lot.

What’s the Benefit of Using SEO Software Tools?

When it comes to using keyword tools for SEO, there are a lot of benefits that users enjoy exclusively.  This includes finding keywords that you would never find on your own via keyword recommendations. With many keyword tools, you can scrape websites and web pages to pull ranking keywords and use them for your web pages. You can assess keyword difficulty and generate niche ideas. Put simply; you can turn a few weeks worth of work into a few days worth of work. With SEO keyword tools, we can do niche and keyword research or a brand new website in just a few days. Try doing that without a keyword tool!

Advantages of Keyword Research with SEO Software Tools

The top 5 advantages of using keyword tools can be stated as follows:

      1. Make several days’ work just a few hours’ work
      2. Generate thousands, even hundreds of thousands of keyword ideas in a matter of minutes
      3. Get in-depth analytics for all of your keywords with the click of a button
      4. Find your competitors’ top-ranking keywords with the click of a button
      5. Get a clear idea of how popular or trendy a keyword is and how difficult it would be to rank for that keyword

Of course, there are scores of other benefits that we could mention, but these are the top 5 as it relates to keywords, in our opinion.

Best Keyword Research Tool for Websites

What is SEMrush Sensor?

SEMrush Sensor is a feature of SEMrush Pro, and it is a tool that you want to check every day or every other day at the most.

Essentially SEMRush Sensor is a tool that is used to monitor and track Google’s SERPs volatility, letting you know if there are any changes to the search engine’s algorithms that you would want to be aware of.
SEMrush has many amazing features, which is why we think it is the best SEO tool on the market for websites.

Best Keyword Research Tool for KDP

Publisher Rocket

Are you a self-published author?  If you have books on Amazon, or if you are interested in publishing books on Amazon, there is no better SEO tool than Publisher Rocket, formerly KDP Rocket.

Publisher Rocket has 4 main features that are worth their weight in gold:

      1. Keyword Search
      2. Competition Analyzer
      3. Category Search
      4. AMS Keyword Search

If you would like to learn more about Publisher Rocket, check out our review by clicking on the following link:

You can try publisher rocket risk-free for 30 days.  If you are not completely satisfied with Rocket before your 30 days is up, you can cancel it at any time.  Test drive Rocket today:

We love Publisher Rocket, and it really is a must-have for every self-published author.  This is the best keyword research tool/SEO tool for book publishers.  Period.
Keyword Research Company has published a YouTube video review for Publisher Rocket as well.  If you would rather watch a video than read a page, check out our video:

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