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Marketing in Asia is not as prosperous as it is in Western countries, but Asia is catching up in the digital game. Why is it that Asian marketing isn’t as advanced or as prosperous as Western marketing? Actually, there are several reasons for this. For example, Asia has many third-world nations. Countries such as the Philippines, Bangladesh, Thailand, and even India are poorer nations. The good news is that these countries have booming economies.

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Other countries, such as Japan, Korea, and even Vietnam, to a lesser degree, have very good economies today, and they are very open societies. Then, you have countries in Asia, such as China and the DPRK (N. Korea) that are sealed off from the rest of the world. Still, you also have countries in Asia like Myanmar, Cambodia, and others that are very desolate and impoverished. Many people in Asian countries still don’t have bank accounts. Many people in Asian countries have never made an online purchase before. Therefore, SEO or any form of digital marketing in such countries would not be very prosperous.

The good news is that, while Asian countries are playing catch up to Western countries in terms of digitization, they are catching up! In countries like the Philippines, Bangladesh, India, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, and even in Thailand, there are a lot of English-speaking people, which means they can sell goods and services to Western clients who are used to making purchases online.

Further, as these Asian countries continue to develop, their economies keep growing, and they move towards digitization, so there is a huge potential for marketing in Asia!

What is the Best Kind of Asian Advertising?

The best kind of advertising in Asia is search advertising. When you think about search engine marketing, there are primarily two forms of marketing to be aware of:

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PPC is Google’s form of paid advertising. Right now, there is a huge market for skilled and English-proficient Asians to sell their marketing services to foreigners who seek to outsource marketing. PPC advertisements place your ads at the top of the search engine results pages for keywords that you want to target. For example, your PPC keywords may look something like this:

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    SEO marketing in the Philippines
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    Digital marketing in Asia
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    Outsource SEO to the Philippines
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    Outsource digital marketing to Asia

Note, these are just a couple random examples that have not been researched, but hopefully, you get the point.

Local Marketing for Asian Countries

As we mentioned, Asian marketing is hit or miss, and as of right now, Asian entrepreneurs and businesses that invest in SEO and other digital marketing services tend to sell their products and or services to foreign customers. Still, as Asian nations catch up to Western nations in terms of digitization, Asian consumers will also start making purchases online. Companies that already have a presence online with SEO will be ahead of the curve, so to speak, and have a competitive edge within their industry/niche. As more and more Asian nations become developed, start using bank accounts, start making online purchases, etc., the companies that perform well for local SEO in Asia will be those who invest in SEO now. We recommend that you invest now.

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Keyword Research Company is based in Asia. We are located in the Philippines to be exact. We understand SEO in the Philippines and Asian marketing in general. Whether you want to target international audiences, such as prospective clients in the United States, Australia, Canada, or the UK; whether you want to target local audiences in your Asian country; Keyword Research Company can help you connect to your target audience with SEO and PPC. Contact us for a free consultation if you would like to learn more.


How to Get Found on Google in Asia

One plausible strategy for being found on Google in Asia right now is to have a strong YouTube presence. Remember, Google owns YouTube, so Google has a bias in ranking YouTube videos above other content. The best way to determine if a YouTube video would rank well for a specific Keyword is to research the keyword you want to target and see if there currently are any YouTube videos currently ranking for it.

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By developing a professional YouTube channel and targeting keywords that are popularly searched for on both YouTube and Google, you can start to rank your YouTube videos on Google. You’ll want to watch the videos of your competitors, see what they do right, and see what you can do better. If you’re camera-shy, try using software like Toonly to make your videos.

Note, a strategy like this will take the better part of a year for you to see even small results, but that is the nature of SEO. Don’t rush it. Take your time and perfect your craft. SEO has a snowball effect. Once you get going, you keep gaining more and more momentum.

Remember, Google is the largest search engine on the planet. YouTube is the second-largest search engine on the planet. Keyword Research Company can help you with SEO for YouTube.

SEO on Facebook for Asian Countries

In most Asian countries, Facebook is Google. In other words, when people are looking for a local home for rent, a photographer, a bakery, a carwash, or even a pet groomer, they typically don’t go to Google to find it. They go to Facebook. Therefore, there is a lot of potentials for Asian businesses to prosper on Facebook with SEO and paid ads. If you are interested in optimizing Facebook for greater sales, let us know. KRC can help you develop a strategy and implement it. Contact KRC for a free consultation today.

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