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SEO is tedious work, even for those who are good at it.  The fact is; most people don’t know how to do their own SEO, and even if they did, they would quickly discover that SEO is extremely time-consuming – a full-time job in and of itself!  Want to learn SEO so you can do it on your own?  No problem.  We hope you have at least 6 months to a year, as SEO comes with a steep learning curve and requires lots of hands-on experience.

Keyword Research Company works with SEO agencies, digital marketing agencies, and website owners to perform the SEO tasks for them that they don’t have the know-how or the time to do themselves.  We offer industry-low prices, fast turn-around times, and premium-quality work.  Let us do the tedious stuff while you focus on the core aspects of running your business.  KRC’s #1 goal is to be the best commincator in the industry.  When we’re online, we are on Skype.  Drop us a message any time.

Meet the Founder

I, Scott Maitland, am extremely passionate about Keyword Research Company, and I love this company second only to my family! I am an American expat living in the Philippines, and Keyword Research Company proudly serves N. America. I have been helping people get found on Google for a living since June/2017.  Prior to that, I was a self-published author on Amazon.

If you have any questions, concerns, problems, or needs, you may reach me directly via Skype or the email address in the header of this page.  My contact info is everywhere on this site – on every page!  I will do everything in my power to make sure you have a great experience with KRC.  See what some of our clients have to say about us.

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Featured Client Reviews

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“I hired Keyword Research Co. to do the writing for our new website and the keyword research for our blog and services pages. I was amazed at how fast it was done and how good it was.”

-Sylvester Benjamanite/Owner of
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“I brought Keyword Research Company in to help re-write page titles & meta descriptions for a larger digital marketing project. The experience was smooth, painless, and we’re happy with the quality of work delivered.”

-Alex Tiberi, aptDigital, Digital Marketing Company
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“We hired Keyword Research Company to restructure our website’s content, do the onpage stuff, and keyword research.  Within 45 days, they had us on the first page for our target keywords. I highly recommend them.”

-Christian Stromhaug/Owner
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Pricing for Individual Services

Keyword Research Company offers our keyword research and writing services independent of our monthly keyword maintenance packages.  Learn about our keyword research and writing services/prices below.   

If you would like to learn about our monthly keyword maintenance packages, visit, and scroll down.

Keyword Research

There are three types of keywords that you must use for your SEO to be successful, and these can be enumerated as follows:


Focus Keywords

The focus keyword is the main keyword that you will be targeting in a piece of content. Whether your content is a blog post, a website page, an Amazon product page, an eBook, a YouTube video, a Facebook advertisement, or anything else, the main keyword is the primary keyword that you are trying to rank for in your respective piece of content. The focus keyword must appear in your H1 tag and title meta tag, and it should be used once within the first 100 words of your text.


Secondary Keywords

In addition to your primary keyword, you also need to have secondary keywords. For the typical web page or blog post, you’ll want to have about 4-6 secondary keywords in addition to your primary keyword. These secondary keywords must be extremely relevant and closely related to the focus keyword in your content. Keyword Research Company encourages everybody to use the secondary keywords with H2 headlines on your pages.


LSI Keywords

LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) keywords are words that are mixed within the content, in addition to the focus keyword and secondary keywords. These keywords must be highly relevant to the topic of the body text and the focus keyword. These are the words that the search engines expect to find when they crawl your web pages to determine if your content is relevant to the search query performed by the search engine user and to the topic of your page.

Enjoy Flexible Pricing Options

Keyword Research Company provides detailed reporting for our keywords, so you know that what we give you is gold! We provide monthly search volumes and difficulty scores for focus keywords. We place all secondary keywords with their respective focus keywords, and secondary keywords are always highly relevant to the focus keyword. We also make a list for the LSI words under each focus keyword, which should serve as a web page.  You’ll get keywords, reporting, and a content strategy.


$ 2 /Keyword


$ 0.50 /Keyword


$ 3 /Page

SEO Content
Writing Services

Whether you have webpages that need content, ebooks, Amazon products, or any other web-based content that needs to be created, you need an expert content creator  who understands the bigger picture of what you are trying to accomplish.  Copywriting, creative writing, and ghostwriting all require immense time and talent.  Let us take these tasks off your hands so you can focus on your business.

Keyword Research Company bills $15/500 words or 30/hr for our content writing services.  Satisfaction is guaranteed.

Monthly Keyword Maintenance Plans

Our monthly keyword maintenance plans are for clients who are not looking for one-time SEO services.  If all you need is keyword research and or content creation, then you can learn about those prices here.  If you would like to learn about or long-term or monthly SEO services, which are keyword based, click the button below and scroll down.

KRC Provides WordPress Web Design

For a standard website design or redesign, including Contact page, About page, Home page, Privacy Policy page, and up to five landing pages: $550